AR 15 side charge question (Gun Q)

I am getting another AR 15 and looking at the side charging AR by JP Enterprise. I have see it on the left side and right, it looks like a great way to go, gets great reviews (The side charger concept)

What do you think compared to the charging handle in the back?

I have the charging handle on the back, but it’s extended for optics clearance. Works perfect.

Not as easy to breakdown, but easier to charge if you have it shouldered as palm blading can be a bitch.

You kind of lose the slimness of the rifle too.

I saw reviews on the handle sticking out on the side, I do not see that as a huge issue. And the rear charger looks like any problems have been overcome.

i think they’re bad ass.

JP makes some of the best firearms out there.

I have a JP15

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Side chargers are for suppressors ideally? That’s thats what I’ve read. I’m not sure of the physics behind it though.

I just hope the charger end isn’t some proprietary bullshit that they change every couple of years forcing you to throw out your old chargers and buy the new one. So annoying.

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Probably prevents the blow back in the face from the normal charging handle cut in the upper and directs it out the side

Makes sense that they are better for running suppressed. Gas blows back around the charging handle right into the shooters face. Side charger eliminates the opening in the back of the receiver, and the excees gas would be directed out of the ejection port.

Oh, and my uncle brought his side charging AR out last time I went shooting. Initial impression, side charger is gay. After shooting it a few times I would say it’s objectively better. Any new builds will be side chargers for me.

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Apple is making firearms now?

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Completely cordless Bluetooth ARs are the tits

The big benny besides the look is the that you can clear a jam and or charge the weapon without losing your grip or changing your position. I like’em.