AR Pron Thread. Post yours!

Here are my ARs. Can a blue be so kind? Thanks in advance.

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Pretty sweet man.

Thank you! VUed!

Nobody? Phone Post 3.0

crubs - Nobody? Phone Post 3.0

Laziest ATF Agent ever.


In for AR pron.  I own a Mini-14 so no pic.  I've been thinking about an AR in a bigger caliber.

Bring on the pics of your friends cousins rifle.

Do you like the M&P?

Jeffersonbastard - Do you like the M&P?

Yes I do. I picked this up at one of my local gun store for $620 out the door. Before all the modifications of course. I put about 600 hundred rounds through it and ate everything I fed her, including about 200 steel cased ammo. The only gripe I have is the lack of a forward assist and dust cover. Then again, I don't roll around in dirt enough to even care for the dust cover and not once did I ever needed to use the forward assist. Other than that, it has treated me well. Trigger is fantastic as well. Very crisp.

This thread didn't take off at all.

Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

in for later. nice AR's Phone Post 3.0

Spike's Tactical, mid-length gas system, Troy folding battle sight, Magpul funtature, Aimpoint PRO optic.

Nickle Boron coating on the bolt carrier group & the trigger group for reduced friction.

Shoots like a dream.

Trust -

Well, I suck at setting up photos.  Sorry about the wrinkled sheet.  I tried to set up a nice white background for contrast.  Can't really shoot photos of these outside as my neighbors would potentially freak out if they saw them (I live in a very democrat suburban area).  I finished putting these two together yesterday and hope to get to the range shortly, but the weather does not look cooperative today.  


Got to the range after all, shot this group with the rifle in the top picture - this is 20 rounds:

That's some tight ass groups. How many yards? Phone Post 3.0