ARAH! Any fun 80s toys stories or finds?

Just hanging out in the man.cave admiring all my vintage gi joes. Reminiscing about the battles I’d used to have. Any great stories about epic backyard battles, forgotten collections found at mom and dads, or stories about finding s figure and falling in love again. Doesnt have to be joes, those were just always my number 1.

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When I saw the first Child’s Play, I thought my “My Buddy” doll was possessed. Used to throw his ass down the stairs to try to kill him.

I used to have that He-Man villain Trap-Jaw and he had a loop thingy on top of his helmet so he could slide down a rope from anywhere lol

I used to climb everywhere and drop him from there lol it was sooooo much fun

Plus they used to make toys really well he never broke


I’ve sold mine (GI Joes) just recently. Made hundreds and hundreds of dollards on them thanks to nostalgia and whatnot. I kept a couple I couldn’t bring myself to part with (original Destro, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow) but the rest are making me ridiculous money.

Next on the auction block: original Star Wars toys and 1st Gen Transformers. And my dad dad said they’d never be worth what I paid!