Arbitrator's ruling upheld!!!!

Federal court backed him up and Jermaine Oneal can play on Christmas!!!!! I personally think that his suspension was too long anyways, and that those of you who disagree are some nancy boy bitches. ;)


LOL, that whole thing was a joke and Im sure the NBA will appeal it. The arbitrator knew all the susupensions were correct but since it was the union that got him he wanted to at least give them something

Well the federal court agreed with the arbitrator, so that should be that. FUCK YOU STERN AND FUCK YOU PITSTAIN FANS!!!!!!!!!!

It's not Oneal directly though, it's the players union. Isn't it?

Good point. If I was Stern I'd call the refs and tell them to give all the players in the Union bad calls for the rest of their careers. They well regret crossing the boss ;)

NBA Statement Following Thursday’s Court Ruling

NEW YORK, Dec. 23 – The NBA issued the following statement in response to U.S. District Judge George B. Daniels’ ruling today:

“While we disagree with the court’s decision today and expect that ultimately Judge Daniels will find that the arbitrator had no authority in this matter, we will, of course, abide by the ruling of the court,” said NBA Deputy Commissioner Russ Granik. “Since Jermaine O’Neal has already served 15 games of his suspension, he will be eligible to participate in the Pacers’ games, at least until the next court hearing date set for December 30.”;pos=;sz=160x600;tile=;ord=1103850529625?

"Well the federal court agreed with the arbitrator, so that should be that. FUCK YOU STERN AND FUCK YOU PITSTAIN FANS!!!!!!!!!!"

And I promise you it will be overturned and Oneil will serve the rest of his suspension one way or the other. I believe this is a fight Stern cannot lose because if he does it will give the union that much more power, and the owners do not want that

You're probably right, but O'Neal's suspension was still too long imo.

He got off light, IMO

No way!!!!! A warning needed to be sent to all fatty's across the country to keep they fat ass in they muthafuckin seats unless they goin for some more beer and or nachos!!! Or to use the facilities, imo.

I agree. A warning also needed to be sent to all the players to keep they fat ass OUT OF the muthafuckin seats unless.........unless nothing, really. Or to use the facilities, IMO :)

lol, I was searching on yahoo/google image search for pics of the punch to post on this thread but couldn't find shit. I was very disappointed.

Keep your fat face off the court and it won't get punched!!!!!

O,Neal didn't go into the stands.



sure it does. His suspension was way too harsh. He never went into the stands.

nogamejones is correct!!!!

greatest punch ever, imo