Arcade Fire - Reflektor

Listening to the new Arcade Fire album. It's okay so far. I still think Funeral is their best. 

Anyone else hear it yet?

I hate the song Reflecktor, I heard the music video they did, some songs wearnt that bad, but Funeral was for sure their best that they will NEVER top.. only problem is, I think fame has gotten to them abit and their starting to fall.. Seen em twice live, and they will always be a top band for me, but its hard to not say its coming..

Worst album to date. Phone Post 3.0

The more I listen to it I have to agree. It's definitely the weakest of the 4.

I'd still really like to see them live though. Phone Post 3.0

Can't wait to hear it. James Murphy produced it I couldn't imagine it being bad Phone Post 3.0

just downloaded it. will have to listen.

didn't really think much of the title song at first, but i forced myself to listen a few more times out of deference to Bowie's involvement as background vocals. i like it now.

I might have to re-assess the situation. The album is growing on me. I still like the other three more I think but I don't think it's a bad record, it's just that I prefer a less synthesized sound but with the LCD Soundsystem guy producing what else should I have expected?