Arch of My Foot

Earlier today I woke up w/ a horrible pain in the arch of my foot. So much so, that it's quite difficult to walk w/out doing so in a manner that puts most of my body weight on the outside of my root.

Does anyone know what causes this or have any idea how to remedy it?

I figure it's probably from an increase in jump roping i've been doing lately, but I've never experienced pain in my foot like this before. Could it be from my shoes? Anyone else every experience anything like this?

You may have ruptured youer posterior tibial tendon. Go to a podiatrist or orthopedic foot&ankle specialist.

In any case, you will probably need custom orthotics to avoid future injury.

Thanks for the response Gaittec. It's been three days since i posted that and my foot still a bit sore..That said, it's much improved since last Friday. I've never had any problem w/ my feet or any problems similar to this.

Is there any specific symptoms that would correlate w/ a rupturing of my posterior tibial tendon? I can feel it when i walk a little, and it's still somewhat sensative to the touch. However, there hasn't been any swelling or bruising.

Oh Gaittec, maybe you can tell me....

Would you instantly know it if you ruptured this tendon? I was jump roping and walked around for the rest of the day feeling perfectly fine. Only the next morning did i feel any pain. Initially i figured it was typical soreness associated w/ starting a new training regime.

I have ripped and torn ligaments and tendons before and it's always been followed by excuriating pain and a full awareness that i was injured....however, this hasn't been the case for this pain. Only the next day was there any pain.

For all concerned...

I went to the doctor today and was told that I had "Plantar Fasciitis": an inflammation of the bottom of the foot between the ball of the foot and the heel.

He said that I was lucky that I didn't chronically injure the area and that my sudden foray into jumproping combined w/ my weight gain and overall lack of training of my feet/ankles exacerbated the situation. Luckily, i'll be back in business soon, and no serious damage was done.

"Plantar Fasciitis" is normally associated with overuse rather than a sudden injury. The classic indication would be "first step" pain in the heel area in the morning. This is because of the sudden stretching of contracted and inflamed tissue after sleeping when you first put weight on it.

I understood your pain to be in the arch and from something that happened quickly. That is why I thought of the tendon just in front of that area.

You would benefit from orthotics to assist healing and to avoid future injury from jumping rope etc.
Do stretching of the foot and calf before you get out of bed and anytime you have been sitting a while.
Wear support (shoes) even in the house and when you go to the bathroom at night.
Anti-inflamitories help if you know you can tolerate them well.
Ice is helpful when applied last thing before going to bed. You are trying to calm down an inflamation.

If you still get first step pain, get orthotics because you are keeping it injured everytime you feel the microtears or the fasciitis where it inserts at the heel.

Good luck.

I am glad you checked it out.

If i may add something?
Massage to the sole of the foot, after it has settled down!, to help break down any scar tissue that has formed around the ligamentous tissue in question and help prevent future injury. Also, try looking up something on foot form exercises on the internet. As Mike said, plantar facitiis is an overuse injury, and its happened for a reason, usually the result of a biomechanical problem. You need to fix that problem to avoid reoccurrence of the injury. (I'd reccomend seeing a PT!)

Good luck!