Archangel question

Ever since Warren became Archangel I have been a fan of the character. Added so much to a bland character IMO. So I was glad when he resurfaced a few years ago but the last I had seen of him he had lost his Archangel persona and was developing new abilities as well as having some mental lapses.

Have they expanded on that story lately?

Muerto - 

no they have not. he's pretty much a forgotten character in the poorly written wolverine and the x-men.

Thank you, I had stopped reading that series for the reason you mentioned. VU

He's basically dead the new warren ain't him his mind was completely wiped so he's got a new personality and all that Phone Post 3.0

And he's forgotten about in wolverine and the xmen cuz e graduated the school his jobs is to recruit new mutants Phone Post 3.0

Didn't he also develop some healing abilities too while thinking he was an actual angel?

Stryfe - Didn't he also develop some healing abilities too while thinking he was an actual angel?

Warren's blood can heal anything, with the exception of Nightcrawler (don't ask....seriously....don't).  Warren was "killed" during Uncanny X-Force (Remender) which you really should read because it's awesome.

Anyway, as a result of "dying" Warren has metal wings that just look like his original, feathered wings and his healing abilities have greatly increased - to the point where he might be able to raise the dead.  Warren also has amnesia, completely forgetting everything that happened prior to his "death" and has different personality, at one point believing he was an actual angel.

Uncanny X-Force V1 (2010) (Remender/ Opeña)
Uncanny X-Force V2 (2011) (Remender/Ribic)
Uncanny X-Force V3 (2011) (Remender/Tan/Brooks)
Uncanny X-Force V4 (2011) (Remender/Opeña)
Uncanny X-Force V5 (2012) (Remender)
Uncanny X-Force V6 (2012) (Remender)
Uncanny X-Force V7 (2012) (Remender/Williams/Noto)

VU for everyone and thank you. I had read the last Uncanny X-Force run he was in and a little where he was having his identity crisis but hadn't seen anything in awhile and was having trouble finishing those issues when I was reading the Wolverine school.