Archery backstops - any ideas?

50 pound recurve. What do you use? Haybales? Some other kind of material?

hay bales work pretty well just make sure to keep them dry. we built a backstop with a rubber horse mat hanging behind the targets on an angle so they drop down and dont destroy the arrow hitting into the wood. but the hay bales are probably the most cost effective. just keep them dry so they last awhile.

Years ago me and a friend used a large piece of carpet draped over an old swing set. The bow I was shooting at the time was around 80lb draw and would blow through it from anything less than 40yards but everyone else I shot with had no problems. 

A buddy of mine made one that works great. He took a box that a large flat screen tv came in, went to goodwill, bought a whole pile of blue jeans and packed the box tight. It worked awesome until the cardboard failed. He did only use it for recurve though. Tried with my compound, blew right threw.

I bit the bullet and bought a BUP backstop. Works great and doesn't take up a bunch of space. Kind of like a heavy stuffed cloth or tarp.

All those halloween and christmas things on the side of the road usually give away hay bales for free after they are done. I got a couple and use in my backyard.

Cheap and easy backstop.  Trailers that are sold by Lowe's are shipped without tires, so the hubs sit on styrofoam blocks.  My local lowes puts these blocks inside of one of their cargo trailers on display.  I asked the manager and he gave me some for free.  I simply took six of these blocks, taped them together with duct tape and you have a 3 x 2 backstop that is about 10" thick.

I used to shoot at a range that had backstops made up of chicken wire stuffed with shredded jeans.

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