Archery folks?!

I've found the OG to be a great source for info to get you started when you don't know where to begin.

My stepdaughter took an archery class this summer and is interested in continuing. I also shot when I was in my early teens but I had nothing to do with gear selection. We just moved to a 15 acre "farm" so we have plenty of room to set up a few hay bail. I just don't know where to begin on the bows.

So I am looking for some solid beginners gear for a grown man and and early teens girl. I'm looking for a low to mid range bow, arrow recommendations etc.

Thanks in advance Phone Post 3.0

Target bow or hunting bow? Phone Post 3.0

Goto a bow shop.

Get measured for your draw length and get what you can afford.

Then buy a Hoyt ;) Phone Post 3.0

I would start her off with a Genesis Bow. That's the standard model used in youth competitions and school programs.

That's also the bow used and recommend by Steven Rinella for bowfishing.

9 times out of 10 she will lose interest. Don't be discouraged by it shit happens. Enjoy the time both of you get to enjoy together. As far as a set up go to a shop. Not dicks, or cabelas, or bass pro shops. Those guys are mostly amateurs. Find a local shop that you like and get recommendations from people. They will set you up with equipment that she will be able to grow into. You also want to have a local guy who can direct you to a nice hunting spot if she wants to start hunting. Most communities will allow you to hunt bow during deer season as long as you get the proper permits. Even if you don't score a deer it's nice to get back to nature. I second the buy used and restring. You don't want to drop a ton of money into this if your going to lose interest in a year or two. Check out It's a great site that has a ton of info for you. The guys over there are very knowledgable and probably can suggest a shop in your area. Good luck, it's a great hobby/sport to get into. Phone Post 3.0

Meastt - Target bow or hunting bow? Phone Post 3.0
Target for now, maybe hunting in the future. We have about 500 acres on 3 sides and I have been watching deer everyday for the past week. Phone Post 3.0

WuDaddy - Goto a bow shop.

Get measured for your draw length and get what you can afford.

Then buy a Hoyt ;) Phone Post 3.0
Funny I had a Holt so that was my goto. Then I looked at the prices. Phone Post 3.0

Hoyts are great but PSE has some great bow packages for the beginning kid and adult. Arrows, quiver, bow, (not sure about release)... Anyway, I'd check that out. I had a PSE for nearly 10 years before I could justify replacing it. It was a good, reliable bow.

Get a Genesis bow;

That is all

No need to figure out draw length with the Genesis as it self adjusts; allows a growing kiddo to use it up to adulthood.

Just ordered her a Genisis! Thanks for the info all! I'm going to look at what's in the store for me when we get it worked up for her. Phone Post 3.0

A bow is a bow. Any modern recurve will serve her and your needs well. Don't go to a specialty archery shop. They will rip you off. I reccomend a panther martin jaguar 50# draw for you and something at 30# for your daughter. I have a panther martin jaguar and some noname recurve I got at a flea market 25 years ago. Last week I took my daughter and gf to range at park for lessons and forgot my glove so didn't feel like shooting the jaguar and shot the old recurve (35#). Was popping balloons at 50 yards with it. Also if you look on youtube you'll see people making mongol bows out of pvc pipe for under $20.