Archery question

What equipment would I need to get started in archery? Target at first
but possibly bowhunting down the road.

You'll definitely need a bow, target, arrows, and armguard. But, a lot depends on what kind of bow you'll want.

I have a wooden recurve. So, I use a shooting glove to protect my fingers and a quiver I keep on my belt. I don't use sights, silencers, or stabilizers.

My buddy shoots a hunting compound, so his quiver is attached to his bow, he uses a mechanical release, and he's got all kinds of gizmos attached to his bow.

Buying a compound is definitely more complicated, but you'll get more power and accuracy.

geting started is very easy as Willy said. a few bales of straw and good backstop area behind and some basic equipment and you can start shooting.

Start at a good archery shop. Tell them what you are looking for in terms of use and pricerange and they can walk you through what you need to get started and what can wait for down the line.

I shoot traditional recurves but I really like using releases, they are as important as the string as far as I am concerned. I hate gizmos and sights and all that stuff, but releases allow you to pull more weight, shoot more accurately, with more comfort, and you can hold your draw longer. I have five storebought releases and three that I made myself out of horn and cord.