Archie Moore vs. Roy Jones Jr.

A prime Archie Moore vs. a prime Roy Jones Jr. in a LHW fight.

Who do you like and why?

Joe Mesi by Flex Capacitor, Rd1

are you talking a clone of archie moore? Or Did RJJ go into Mesi's time machine? I doubt Jones would fight Moore for the $500 he'd probably earn for that fight back then.

How about Mesi goes back in time to pick Archie up? That way Archie gets to fight for a big payday. At the very least he'll know what stocks to invest in and who won the next 50 World Series when he goes back.

I would pick Don King by "weigh in perogative"

In DK's world, the fighters and the fans are irrelevant. Only in America at 49.95.

Jones in his prime was a middleweight. His punching power has not been the same since he moved up.

I think Mesi goes back to pick him up, and Moore finds it too irresistable to not KO Mesi. So he does, but not knowing how to operate the time machine, the two wind up in 2052 without any plutonium.

Heres a pic of Mesi going back in time to the 1960's

I withdrawal the question