Archived threads?

I'm guessing archived threads would be found by clicking on the "View Saved Thrds" link. However, it seems that replies and posts are missing from those threads.

Can someone else confirm this?



Paw, some are missing, correct.

Hi Scott,
what happened to the "Bully" thread? I was lokking forward to hearing what you had to say about my little piece of input. I was sad to come to MMA TV and not be able to continue that thought.


Dear Taku, I never saw your post. Can you repost it?

Many msgs were lost in the transition. It's understandable considering the magnitude of the administrative responsibilities involved in switching forums... but still disappointing to lose some productive threads.

I have the bully post as well as taku's. i saved the html. i will respost it, on a new thread

Thank you Don.

No problem Scott, I also reposted 'Unconditional Survival' and 'Breating while being crushed'


Thanks AARON!

Don, that Ethe player

How many strings on an Ethe? Or is it some kind of flute? ;)


Cut me some slack! I'm dutch! i usely post here at night after a hard day of training and collage :)