Are all chicks that do belly dancing crazy?

Serious question.

I've noticed a ton of chicks taking "Belly dancing" classes lately and usually they are batshit crazy.

Is it just me or is that a factual statement? Phone Post 3.0

I love batshit crazy women.
It's a huge character flaw for me. I know, I know, stupid, but the crazier she is the more I need to have it.

Crazy sexy Phone Post 3.0

Well they are women so the answer is yes.

Belly dancing spelled backwards is twerking.

sewich - Well they are women so the answer is yes.

Phone Post 3.0

Crazy belly dancing dancer confirmed

All women are crazy! Phone Post 3.0

Yes. Phone Post 3.0

How about crazier than the average crazy woman?

I'm going to need more pics in order to answer this question.

You are correct op I've discovered this as well. Phone Post 3.0

808dvs - Bro.

So one time I was at a funeral for a grand aunt of mine, right?


One of my distant cousins comes out, with 4 other chicks dressed as whores, oops I mean belly dancers. Anyways. They did a "performance" dancing around her urn and shit.

It was without a doubt one of the weirdest, most uncomfortable things I have ever seen.

And to answer your original question, I would have to go with yes. Yes, they are. Phone Post 3.0
Uncomfortable as in you couldn't hide the boner? Phone Post 3.0

In my experience yes. Current ex is craziest girl I've ever come across and I was a tutor at a homeless shelter for a semester. She's trying to make a career as a belly dancer.

I love it

3 Sided Square - Crazy belly dancing dancer confirmed