Are all GJJ schools no sparring till blue belt?

A GJJ university opened up down the street. Their website says their combatives is no sparring? Is this true or am I missing something

combatives are drilling sequences typically in that program and not rolling. These schools that have these combatives programs typically dont emphasize rolling IMHO


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Pretty sure there’s no rolling until Blue Belt at the Gracie University (HQ) In Torrance.

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Can you still skip warmups after you get your brown belt there?


I can understand the reasoning. Have you ever rolled with a spastic white belt?

Injuries are more likely to occur.

But I think it is important to roll as white.

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I don’t know if this is the case there but what some places call drilling is really just sparring beginning from a particular position. For example, one partner starts in mount and it’s live from there and they reset if top player gets a sub or bottom player improves position then they switch. It’s not a bad way to train for beginners.

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I’ve rolled at a Gracie joint as a spastic white belt. Nearly broke some cunts arm.

You’ve gotta roll. It’s bollocks otherwise


How do you even get to blue without sparring? How would you know you’re blue?


I don’t train at a school like that so I could be totally off base but I think it’s no sparring until you get a stripe on your white belt and no competition until you get 2 stripes. Different schools have different rules and curriculums obviously.

I went once to a Gracie place. I was white belt and rolled with a really good purple who was teaching / guiding me.

Overall I didn’t like the establishment, the having to wear thier gi, it seemed like a fucken cult.

i think new whites rolling with new whites is a bad idea due to injury potential. IMHO new whites should roll with higher belts.

In the late 90s/early 2000s I was at the gracie academy a lot and rolled a lot as a white belt. Not sure what the rules are these days


No its no rolling until a combatives belt but also at the discretion of the instructor eg. They may let a 3/4 stripe white belt roll. Once a combatives belt is achieved, they must roll and participate in the master cycle classes for at least 6 months before they can test for their blue belt. I think consistent attendance can potentially have you testing in 6 months for the combatives belt ( which i believe is a white belt with a blue stripe through the middle).

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At Gracie place I was a white rolling with a purple, who was guiding me through transitions, and I hyper extended his arm. I felt it pop and immediately shit my pants and was apologizing like crazy. I think it was my first armbar. He was an older dude and couldn’t care less, told me not to worry about it.

On the flip side, at paragon we allowed our top student from kids class to train with us. seeing as I’m 5"6 135 of pure destruction naturally I was the one to roll with him.

Well I was trying to coach him and it turns out the 14 yr old little bastard wanted to prove himself and was trying to fucken kill me. He got me as well and I almost went out. He held on way too long. I was quite puzzled, if it was anyone else they would be getting a fucken headbutt, but it was a kid. I’m wondering now if he actually carried on, he said he didn’t really like bjj and was gonna stop, I was trying to convince him to stay, he was fucken badass at it. Franjinha, Milton bastos, and Jeff Glover knew they had a prospect .

Young kids should have a window of No rolling until they have fundamentals and. Understanding of danger

I agree and disagree. You’ve gotta roll. But at the same time yea it’s dangerous. Your post made me think of being a kid, me and my cousin’s used to wrestle (WWf style) and one of my cousin’s did a DDT on me and damn near broke my fucken neck. I had to punch him. We were supposed to be just messing but it highlights your point, kids can go overboard without knowing it .

Glad you didn’t get hurt but I think you validated my comment :grinning: