Are any MMORPGs free?

As in are any of them non-subscription? I have yet to play any of them because i think it is wrong to have to pay a monthly fee which leads to people spending insane hours in the game so that they feel like they got their money's worth.

Why the hell would a MMO game be free? There might be some though.

I wish they would all be free as far as getting started. It sucks to put down $40 on a game, even with one month free, that you will have to pay a subscription to play.

None that I'm aware of. Understand that when you buy a MMORPG you really only pay for the core of the game.

The monthly fee pays for updated content and the servers/support/bandwidth it takes to keep the MMORPG running.

I cant why imagine any MMORPG would be free, ecspecially if there is content updates, otherwise it would just be a multiplayer RPG, like Neverwinter Nights. Hosted by you instead of by the gaming company. Remeber a MMORPG server allows you to interact with thosand of people on one server where as a regular may only allow up to handful of clients to connect.

Diablo 1&2 is the closest you'll get to a free service, but still these games are hosted by players instead of a particular server run by BattleNet. They only allow you to browse games hosted there and they try and control cheating, etc.

Otherwise that would normally be up to the person hosting the gaming server. But I'd say Battlenet is the closest thing that allows a lot of people play on the same servers without having to use All-Seeing-Eye or Gamespy to find a server and at no charge.

Oh well fuck it, I will stick with CS (and the newer FPS MP games when I get a fuckin router that works)

only crappy ones like are free(ish)

You can play Ultima Online free, there are private shards available.

i'd like to see someone try a shareware version of an MMORPG. like, the basic game is free, downloadable software, a basic subscription is free, but without a paid membership you're limited to low to mid level, and in what items you can carry, etc.

Most games that take any server/bandwith to run, are usually pay-to-play. There are some free ones out there, but if you are looking to get quality graphics, and 24hr server support etc, you will pay for it. A few free ones I can think of are: Runescape, Realms of Kaos, and Race War Kingdoms. All of these are M.U.D. MMORPG's. The graphics suck or don't exist at all, but if you have an imagination, you should do ok.