Are Any of you Estranged with Family Member?

Whether a mother, brother, father, daughter, son, aunt, uncle.

What made you all stop talking?

Do you want to ever resolve it? Or are you happy being distant from them?

My sister. Standard piece of shit. What sealed the deal was when I informed her our mother was dying. She came out and promptly fucked off to San Diego leaving my mother asking where she was. I lied as to not break my mothers heart. When she finally passed, my sister missed the memorial for a yoga retreat in India. Scorched earth. Fuck her. Fuck her kids. Fuck anyone that looks like them.


My wife hasn’t spoken to her brother in years.


my father because he was an abusive prick.

then he died so i win

if i saw him on fire today i’d think twice about pissing on him to put him out

my mom was a damn sight better until it became clear to her i was not going to live at home forever.

that was the start of the wheels coming off that relationship. it got worse from there until i kept her away from my family except of holidays and birthdays

i knew she wasn’t interested in solving any of the problems between us and she’d die first

and she did


Messy breakup?


It built up over a few years and things just finally came to head with a huge argument and then they stopped communicating completely.

Siblings is common

I didn’t speak to my sister for 5 years but she improved, got on bipolar meds, now we have a stable although shallow relationship.


Our forefathers left their past to explore westward. Maybe it’s not being estranged but simply living your own life. Do other animals keep tabs on their extended family?


Do you think maybe you and your sister had different experiences? Sometimes a parent treats one kid good and one kid not so good.

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My brother and I had a fight when we was younger and didn’t talk for about 7 years.

Once we moved out and hardly see each other, we just started talking again like we never fought.


I haven’t talked to my mom in like 7 years and before that time it was like 9. Basically she never accepted my wife as a part of the family. Do I wish my mom would get her head out of her ass, sure. Do I expect it anytime soon, no


Any chance that this was her way of coping? End of the day all of these post death traditions are pomp and circumstance for the living.

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That’s kind of hoe me and my oldest sister are. She had some vendetta against my other sister and dad so she ostracized herself for years. I’ve never had a problem with her and we’re cordial but we just don’t talk. She doesn’t want to be a part of the rest of the family so I kind of forget about her. Nothing personal she’s just not part of our life

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No, not possible. There’s numerous other examples of her being scum. She’s 14 yrs older than me so we never really lived together. No chance to even experience favoritism.

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Again, not really. The pattern of behavior was already established. If this were the only example of her being a shit person, coping could be a viable explanation.



This is the saddest thread I’ve eva read.


life ain’t pretty


Not me but my 2 sisters don’t talk to either other nor their families. I see this a lot where siblings have rivalries against each other out of competition and jealousy. Just dumb.

So her experience could have been completely different than yours and you would have had no idea.

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Your point?