Are any UFC LW's top ten?

This is an awesome division, I am wondering why none of the UFC LW's are top ten ranked.

I think Hermes Franca may be the only one, but it's not because of his UFC fights.

if sean sherk destroys k-flo then he could arguably be put their based on his fights at 170 has franca at #8. I'm not arguing either way, but they also have "No Love" listed at 13, and Yves at 12.

Hominick, Stevens, Edwards...

"Franca is far from being Top 10."

ummmm, what ? Please never post here again.

Edwards WAS top ten. But who has he beat that's good recently ?

Franca and Stevenson are both Top 10. Tyson Griffin should be in the Top 10.

Listen just because you're Japanese doesn't mean you should be in the Top 10. Those rankings are totally bullshit

At the very least, the winner of Sherk/Florian should break into the top 10 imo.

"have "No Love" listed at 13"


That guy got beat by a gassed shonie carter. Get real.


Not in a paid, professional fight he didn't, and certainly not at 155 pounds, which is the division in question.

Clementi's recent accomplishments at 155 still exist, regardless of what he just did at 170.

Joachim hasn't won since April, and before that he lost 2 in a row.

Marcus Aurelio beat Gomi in April, which is obviously very significant.

Kawajiri beat Hansen and Brennen this year.

Mitsuhiro Ishida is on a 7 fight winning streak, and he beat the guy who beat Gomi.

Vitor Ribeiro is on a tear right now.

Not to mention Gilbert Melendez.

Wow, after thinking about this more, it may take a very long time for the UFC to get any fighters on the top ten. Dropping this division for as long as they did really cost them.

"Wow, after thinking about this more, it may take a very long time for the UFC to get any fighters on the top ten. Dropping this division for as long as they did really cost them. "

With the right matchups, they can get some guys up there pretty quickly.

It's time for Roger Huerta to get a look as a top 10'er.

Fuck you dickhead my only loss in two years at 55 has been a close dicision to Uno. Sorry I just really wanted to say that.... :)

haha, from the man himself.

If you honestly think there's a bunch of guys who can boast better than Clementi's credentials in the last few years, then start listing them smart-guy.

I can give you facts to place him in the top 10 for 155-pound credentials in that timeframe.

I would put Hansen at top 4-5.


Where is Melendez ranked?

The answer to this question for me is "probably not". I do not think any UFC 155er is in the top 10 right now. Franca is very close, and I could understand him being #9 or #10 on some people's lists even though I personally would put him a couple spots lower. He's still coming off a rough 2005 where he went 0-3. That said, I think the winner of Sherk/Florian will be somewhere in the bottom half of the top 10.

It just shows how green the LW division is in the UFC when they are about to have a title fight between two guys with a combined total of ONE fight at 155 in the last few years.

I realize this match hasn't been developed in the UFC, but the best title fight right now, for me, would've been Roger Huerta vs. Hermes Franca.

hominick,franca and maybe tyson griffin should be there.

Are you kidding me with those rankings? Sam Stout was in the top 10 and they just moved him to #14--no problem with that, but Florian doesn't belong in the top 20? No Hominick, no Stevenson in the top 20? I assume that Sherk will be there once he fights at 155...but ah, forget it, who cares.

It's ok that you guy's don't think I am in the top ten as a fighter, but I do
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