Are Attacks On Refs On The Rise?

Are Attacks On Refs On The Rise?
The abuse of game officials is on the rise, including in youth sports, where there are numerous examples of officials being attacked by players, coaches and parents.

I reffed hockey when I was in high school. Mostly mites and squirts.

I stopped after a couple of incidents where I had parents threatening me.

The last time, I had a parent attack me as I walked to the ref's locker room after the game. Had to get escorted out because the dude was waiting for me.

Coaches were never an issue.

when I was playing minor hockey, our coach through a water bottle at some 16 year old kid as he tried to do his best and ref a bunch of 12 year olds.. LOl

from that moment on, I realized refs were just doing the best, well most anyways.. And especially with Minor league sports, they really arnt a factor and it's not like they make tons of money doing this..

If I'm not mistaken, attacking a state licensed referee is a felony in a lot of states. Whether it be in baseball, basketball, boxing or whatnot.

I could be wrong but I'm definately going to do some research on it. Phone Post 3.0

I had an incident last year while reffing a summer basketball game, called a charge on kid and then a t because the kid cursed at me. Next, the coach gets pissed and comes on the court from the side of my vision and throws a ball at my chest Phone Post 3.0

The younger teh kids playing the worse the Parents/Coaches are.

I used to Ump baseball.