are brock and sable married?

did rena mero marry brock lesnar yet?

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no that was johnny b badd aka,

marc mero

yeah they were married, not sure if they still are.

Rena divorced Marc , she has been dating Brock since his last few months at WWE.

yeah she is married to marc reno. her real name is rena mero

damn it. I thought that that was her name but I couldn't convince myself completely.

shes like 40 but so fn whattt?

she is hella hott and can suck and fuck brocks cock the fuck off!

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Rena's daughter is hot as hell



Glad to hear things are working out for Sable. Hunter Hearst Hemsley wasn't treating her so well, so I hope that Mark Mero and Brock have been treating her nicely.

bet them both, both assholes

Isnt Marc Mero dead? Was he ever a boxer? Whose the chick in the shower? TTT for more pics

marc mero is alive and well

he owns his own gym and is a pt in orlando