Are Diego and Quinn still buds?

 How awesome would it be if Dan Quinn was in his corner on the brodcast. Think of the debacle Quinn backstage at a UFC would be. God that needs to be on TV.

No way. If you thought greasegate was bad, could you imagine steviagate?

 I did notice Diego was calling BJ player and stud...

Well first up, Dan is fighting tonight so he couldn't corner him even if Diego wasn't intentionally avoiding him. They did an interview together on Carson's Corner a while back, Dan started talking about being the angel Maitreya, which is when Diego realised that this is an actual crazy man and not just a pretend crazy man like himself.

 i'm not sure diego is pretend crazy

IrishRottie - Maitreya is about to become billionaire rich.

oh for sure man

how many more millions will die if Diego doesn't pay it forward tonight and get the stevia train rolling?

 ^^ True dat playa lol

Didnt know Dan was fighting. I can see him back stage hitting on ring girls at a UFC tho lol come up to like Chuck or some one "Yo playa get on the stevia train bro"

Que Chuck overhand right lol.

snorts line of Stevia