Are Dirty Ass Shoes In Style Now?

Everywhere I go the youngsters are wearing dirty ass thrift store homeless person sneakers

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Do you hang out with homeless people?

I prefer dirty ass Shyla Stylez over dirty ass stlish shoes. R.I.P.

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Had to be asked

No, it’s exactly the reason I’m asking. I’m seeing normal people in their 20’s wearing stank ass poor people shoes.

Probably gamer people. They work the least, so no extra cash, and spend what they do have on $2000 graphics cards. Shoes are Walmart specials beat to shit from working part time at Amazon.

The desire for hipsters to identify with the low and downtrodden is incredibly strong.

Like when PBR went up in price because yuppie scum with fake logging beards that work at amazon and identity as blue collar started drinking it lol.