Are Electric cars more reliable, not counting battery?

Are electric cars more reliable if you took the battery out of the equation? I heard Toyota is going heavy into solid state batteries that should be longer lasting. What about the rest of the car.

My friend worked on a Tesla and he said it sucked


I’m excited for a technology that’s not lithium ion.

Once you have something that charges faster, with less or no degradation, and has more energy storage, electric cars will make more sense. I don’t think lithium ion will ever be able to do that.


I agree. I just wonder about the rest of the car. You would think the rest of the car should last longer and be more reliable

Think about software on your laptop crashing or apps that randomly stop working on your phone.
Wait until your entire car is doing that.


Seems like ICE car do that too these days. Especially German cars after 6 years


More reliable and better for the environment = win/win

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Except for the lithium mining and battery disposal

LOL, faggot


Still better for the environment than gasoline cars

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maybe if youre one of those silly city faggots.

drive that thing up a washboard dirt road a few times and i doubt it.

I can’t answer the OP. but I would think yes

Less oil, dirt, fluids etc

Built by smarter guys as well

Would think so


The good thing is the government will be able to control your car if they don’t like you.


Yes because there are far fewer mechanical moving parts


Good point. Gas engines never seem to fail.

that doesnt necessarily make a machine better. if those parts arent durable it doesnt matter

also, they still have all the parts that break most often. computers, sensors, door window regulators, climate control etc

evs are heavy, that means suspension issues if youre not on smooth roads.

Honda Love GIF by Honda

Don’t use Tesla as your baseline. Made of plastic shit and terrible build quality.


They will be able to shut down gas cars soon too if we let them

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Absolutely nothing you said is accurate.

I don’t like EVs but you are just projecting.

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Back to the original question - EV’s are supposed to be more reliable primarily because the lack of a gasoline engine and some EV’s don’t have multi-gear transmissions. I’ve seen some metrics where their average cost for maintenance is lower than a gasoline car over 5 or so years.

When they break, it’s expensive. Broken battery - 20K. Broken engine - 3K or so, screwed up computer 2K, broken charging unit - 2K or so. It’s all modular, at least for Tesla’s.

Unlike Jackson’s broke ass, I can afford a Tesla and I kind of don’t give a rat’s ass about Climate Change. The thing is fun to drive, cheap to operate, and have had no maintenance over the last 18K miles. I have gas cars when I want to take a trip.

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