Are Electric cars more reliable, not counting battery?

“But what if I want to go on a road trip! With my horse and buggy, I never have to worry about filling up! What, you think gas stations are gonna suddenly pop up on vast stretches of highway!?!”

“I never have to worry about my horse and buggy breaking down!”


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you know what doesn’t require gas or electricity?

A horse and buggy!!!

“Just plug in your EV. Oh, you can’t? Tough break, poors. Take the SEPTA bus instead.”

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California… rotating brownout capital of North America… hahahaha…


Shit takes time to build. The chargers will continue to come but by the time there are enough for Teslas, all the other ev are gonna bottleneck that shit because ford and gm aren’t pushing their own brand of charging station. It’s sickening

Massive hooey

But the battery is the engine of the car so who gives a fuck?
I live in an area prone to hurricanes and you would be a dumb sob to think having an electric car would be a good idea.

The battery is the fuel tank, the motors are the engine. :wink:

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Do You lose power to your place in all those?

I wonder how much the motors cost to replace. I wonder if you get a good core for the old ones

I guess you don’t have to worry about service if it catches on fire?

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