Are fat people attracted to each other?

You usually see fat people paired up. Intuition says it's because they can't do any better, but to be with someone in the boudoir there has to be some level of physical attraction. Does obesity change your tastes? A physiological coping mechanism to ensure the perpetuation of the species?

Even if I was obese, I can't imagine being attracted to a similarly obese woman. How do you even get it up for a nasty whale of a woman? Walking through Walmart, these people look disgusting enough with their clothes on, if they took them off in my presence I would probably go into convulsions and puke. But somebody somewhere is fucking them. HOW???

It is a mystery, but it is also fact. Phone Post

Good question. Probably not.

Another question - you know those fat women who are always preaching fat acceptance and saying that they're "real women"? Do they date guys who aren't considered conventionally attractive? Do they find clinically obese men attractive? Do they find men who are 5'3" with lazy eyes attractive? Do they find these "real men" attractive?

my fat, hairy friend does not like fat hairy women. I'm going with no.

Not true, a lot of skinny dudes dig bigger chicks, I know I do.

I would say it is more their behavior patterns that mirror each other. Also their ability to attract a thin in shape, attractive mate is very limited. Someone who eats very very well is not going to get along well with somebody who doesn't. Dinner time is a struggle going out is a struggle and most recreational activities will probably vary. Phone Post

MarsMan -

You do know how gravity works, right?

nice. Phone Post

TeamRenzo - Not true, a lot of skinny dudes dig bigger chicks, I know I do.

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I think it's a matter of lowering the bar based on realistic assessment of one's own level of attractiveness.

they might not find each other attractive but their love of the same activities prolly pulls fat people together

MarsMan - 

You do know how gravity works, right?

Made me laugh so VTFU!

I've always heard that women eat pussy better than men do because since they have a pussy they know what feels best. Using that logic, do men give better blowjobs? Phone Post

^ trick question imo