Are fighters stupid??

I have always thought that it took intelligence to be a good fighter.

The fight game is very complicated and IMO requires nerves of steel and the ability to think analytically under stress.

I know that a lot of fighters do some stupid shit but hell how many PhD's do really ass-backwards stuff of the time.

Many are of the opinion that fighting is mainly instinct and athleticism but not much brain.

What does the UG think?


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Wes Sims has a 220 IQ

I believe you can be a great fighter and still lack intelligence in other areas. Kinda like there just gifted in the fighting department. But of course a fighter that is intelligent and gifted at fighting wouldn't hurt. Frank Shamrock comes to mind.

I don't think brain cells quantity has anything to do with the love of something....... it's just that "something" that won't get out of your mind or heart & not doing it is like torture. I've read there are fighters who are in college to possibly have medical careers. Carlos, Romie, others I imagine. That's a lot of brain cells there, so their not stupid...... they must be smart enough to realize they gotta follow their heart........ first!

Yes, all fighters are stooopid.

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Couture is smart.

"I have always thought that it took intelligence to be a good fighter. "

You are wrong . Most fighters are stupid as a brick. If you don`t believe me just look around . There is plenty of proof.

intelligence makes a difference at the higher levels of the game when a finely tuned gameplan is needed to survive. but mostly its just athleticism, good training, and balls that make a good fighter.

In two weeks I'm finishing my Master thesis in computer science (specialising in performance of computer systems).

This fall I'll start working on my Ph.D. in the same field.

There's no rule that says you have to be thick to be a good fighter. I find that it's good to excercise both mind and body...

MMA fighters are smart. MMA takes alot of intelligence. Boxing on the other hand, is a couple of fucking vegetables beating each other in the head. If a boxer is not a Vegetable befoe he gets in the ring, he is after the fight.

Not all of them, but probably a higher percentage of dumbasses than the non fighter population IMHO.

Most B level fighters I have met really have that attitude that they're the shit and you'd better not fuck with them.

Jeremy Horn is the exception to the rule because he is the most down to earth fighter there is.

I had the priviledge of rolling with him and I can say that he is WAY fucking cool!

Well obviously fighters have to have an aptitude for fighting at least. Can one who is a great fighter win a Nobel Prize for literature. Probably not. Can one who is a literary genius without the proper skills to fight win a championship in fighting. Probably not. So what dictates smart? And smart at what?

"fighting is mainly instinct and athleticism but not much brain."To answer your question: On average, fighters are not stupid. IMO, a fighter who lacks smarts, but athletic & has good instinct (a natural fighter) will beat a "smart" fighter who lacks the instinct & atheleticism.However, the best fighters are athletic, have instinct, and are smart.