Are fights on SHOWTIME tonight?

Are they showing the undercard on Showtime and then the rest on PPV tonight? I thought I had heard that but when I look at the channel listings for Showtime, I see nothing about it...


What's the price tag on the PPV tonight?

I think it is $39.99



same deal here Electrick. worst part is i got hooked on the terrorist show and now Weeds and cant cancel it to the next season of brotherhood comes out.

BLAF= Dana

What's on tonight at 10 on Spike TV?

What time does the PPV start?

If I have to pay for cable, how is Spike free?

ain't the ufc fight night tommorow...

WEEDS is a funny show. i tried to watch a couple of the others but couldnt make it through a whole episode.

Free Lucky Louie!

I aint gay or nothing, but im kinda sprung on BLAF.

I was just saying the other day how I wished tacos were free, but ya know they aren't. It woould be cool, I want free tacos....but I do get free mma, thanks to who?? DANA!

Dana I know you are working closely with the latino population, maybe work something were we can get free tacos once a month...maybe organize it with a fight night.

Yeah go ahead and laugh people, when your bellys are full from free tacos thanks to Dana's hustlerability...I won't throw it in your face, I will say pass me another taco brother :)

Long live Dana

BLAF = Already exposed UFC paid poster.