Are Harley’s being replaced by Indian motorcycles?

I have Jap dirt bikes and and others and the accessories are as much or more than those for my Harley…fuck off and go smoke another dick you limp wristed faggot…

I like some of the harleys like the soft tails and night tranes. I don’t like the big behemoths.

But they aren’t I have an eletraglide and beside a gold wing it looks like a midget…also 50 lbs lighter…

come ride mine bro.

It is a wheelie machine.

seat is like a wood 2x4. motocross seat.

But the looks are crazy. people driving shelbys and maseratis pull up next to me with that swoonful I want one crush. And they wanty to talk. WTF is that…

I moodily respond " fuck off loser"!

Hells Bells . Sonny Barger himself said The Harley was the wrong motorcycle for what they do. It is just what they started with and there was not much else out there.

Barger says the Sport tourers are the right bike but to get a complete conversion and change of rules would be impossible.

He says the Honda ST1300 is perfect for long range all night rides. Covering distance like no other. Utterly reliable. They frequently ride on meth , and 8-12 hours at a time. having Harleys that break down all the time necessitates a tool truck. Break downs also expose them to law enforcement.

Lol Rhino why are you so mad

I remember this thread a long time ago.

IMO bikers are bullies that only fight if they have numbers, size, or weapons.

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He’s a faggot that should take the Jax Teller way out…

Was hoping to see what the “ just letting you know guy “ looked like.

It sounded like a comedy skit or caught on camera style prank show