Are HS Teens No Longer Working at Jobs?

Some of my colleagues have noted (and it could be bias) that teens are working less at jobs (like summer jobs or part time jobs) than ever before. On the other hand, I have noticed some young people working jobs but it is mostly minority kids (blacks Hispanics), blue collar white kids, or college aged kids that look like teens. Some of the ladies I have dated have their teen kids that work.

In any case, is there a trend of HS teens less likely to work a paying job over the summer or after school?

most HS teens are making money on onlyfans. those temp job are too low in pay


The fast food and lawn mowing jobs have been taken over by Hispanics for years around here.


My teenaged kids like having money so they have jobs.


Teen labor force participation has been on a long-term downward trend. Since reaching a peak of 57.9 percent in 1979, the rate fell to 52.0 percent in 2000, just prior to the 2001 recession. The rate then dropped rapidly during and after the 2007–09 recession to reach 34.1 percent in 2011, and since then, it has stayed within a narrow range. The latest projection of labor force participation from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) points toward an even lower teen participation rate by 2024.


It’s insane.

Who doesn’t want money at that age?

  1. People can make money online now days, working for 200-400 a week in a brick and mortar, dealing with the shitty public and some moron boss is well, for morons.

  2. A lot of states have higher minimum wage now. When your min wage is 12-15 dollars adults keep those jobs, there’s not a turn and burn student work force.

My nephew makes $22/hr packing shelves at a supermarket after school and on weekends. I did the same thing in the mid/late 90’s for about $7/hr.


I was chatting with a co-worker from India about the various teenage jobs that I held growing up. Food service, retail, etc. He was really intrigued and fascinated, but also a little horrified.

Back in his country your job growing up as a kid was to study non-stop. Labor is so cheap over there, you wouldn’t go out and get some menial job, it would be a scandal. As it was they grew up with servants in their homes. Cost of labor being low and all.

Our country is headed in the same direction.

My kid and all his friends have jobs since they were 16…none of the parents are the typical OGrs making 350 a year…you want to buy stupid shit get a job

Depends on the area. The less safe it is the less teenagers work.

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I worked at a shopping mall in the 90s and remember so many of my fellow high school classmates working in the same mall

A pretty significant % of mall workers were high school kids then

Definitely not the case now
The only places i notice high school kids working are places like amusement parks, bakeries, ice cream shops

Chick fila seems to be one of the few mainstream places i see lots of HS aged kids working at

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My son used to help me in the summer. (I’m and electrician). He started welding when he was 16. He’s 19 now and been with the pipe fitters union for a year.

My daughter is 13 and babysits and has a side “baking” job.

She’s working at her gymnastics gym this summer helping with the younger girls.

Kids are spoiled now.

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On average HS kids are working less. In some cases it’s not laziness but change in society. Athletes are expected to train all year long and play their sports all year long. Landscaping is owned by Hispanics and Mexicans. Fast food has replaced a lot of jobs with automation. The internet has closed down a lot of brick and mortar stores.

Girls would prefer to pose for pics in Snapchat and only Fans than do real works.

My co-worker’s kid just got hired at McDonald’s making $14 an hour! That’s fucking crazy.

ive been employing high school kids for 20 years (retail.) Yes, fewer want to work. far fewer.

I KNOW there is one simple reason that has caused this trend, and it may surprise you.

Kids just don’t give a shit about having money anymore. They don’t need it. Not simply because their parents buy them everything, but because they don’t fucking wanna do shit. Period. They don’t go out. They don’t party. They don’t have hobbies (other than video games which isn’t expensive.) They don’t care about having nice clothes, a nice car. They don’t waste gas cruising around picking up girls or trying to meet boys. They don’t save thousands to fix up their car. They don’t save hundreds to go to concerts or beach trips together. And they don’t spend much or any on drugs or alcohol. They get pills from gramma.

They don’t do shit. And they have no desire to. And they don’t want stuff either. Extra money is not required for most of them to do what they enjoy doing. So none of them want to get a job. If I have a hs kid apply for a job now, it’s bout 80% certain their parents are making them do it.

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sounds a lot like the french fries generation, no desire to do or explore things. the most damaging is no desire to achieve anything.

Well it’s easy to see why this is the case. Mommy and daddy now pay for everything. Just think about how much of pussies the 30 year olds are in this nation. You think they see going to teach their kids the virtues of earning their own pay?

Why is anyone shocked?

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It’s the internet fault. Everything that a kid would wanna spend money on is free online now. Music, movies, games, porn. Porn is a big one. It ain’t real pussy, but for johnny average chump, it’s a lot easier and cost efficient than going out and getting laid.

For me dating was by far the biggest expense as a kid. You’d have to buy a car, nice clothes, restaurants, movies, etc. Who’d want to go through all that trouble to maybe get laid by a regular looking girl when they can beat off endlessly to models online? Kids are stupid by nature and not strong enough to resist the easy way, I prob wouldn’t have if I grew up in this age.

I spent a lot of money on albums, games, but not porn. I preferred real pussy and when none was close by I’d just press 2 buttons down on the cable box and watch some scrambled playboy channel.