Are HS Teens No Longer Working at Jobs?

I ALWAYS wanted to work.
In HS I was working at a pizza place for $5.25 an hour. I wanted a car. My grandad said “that’s a bs job and you don’t make any money there.”
He offered me $1,000 to paint his house, said he had bids from 9-13.
So I quit that day and spent 3 weeks doing all the cut back, prep and scraping, and everything else by myself. I was pretty proud of myself actually.
Bought a 1967 Ford Falcon and now I had range and could get a better job than the pizza place.

My step sister is 35, never had a driver’s license, and has never paid rent her entire life. Berkeley grad, lives in the downstairs of her uncle’s giant house in the hills.
She is the poster child for everything wrong with her generation.

I’ll never get it.

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They are all on onlyfans or instagram.

They literally get paid to go online and stream themselves playing videogames. My friend’s step daughter is in her early 20’s, still lives at home, can’t really effectively communicate with people in anything but a whiney, shitty attitude voice and still has her mom waiting on her like she is a toddler. Apparently she twitch streams Fortnight and sees that as a viable career path and unfortunately it might be. Honestly she would do very well on OnlyFans, too but I think she is too shy and self conscious for that.

Yep, the jobs they work at only accept cashapp, venmo and bitcoin.

Isn’t it a line from the breakfast club it’s supposed to suck at home or you’d never leave?

These people raised pets not people, it’s ridiculous.

There is a deeply embedded caste system in India. You were talking to Ivanka Trump. We are much closer to automation/UBI than we are to India (& I don’t expect we’re especially close to automation/UBI yet.)

Where do you figure his servants came from?


I like to flirt with cashiers. Well with any women so of course I will with gals I talk to. Then my oldest son while grocery shopping with me made me realize some were in HS with him, doh. For some reason, that they could be under 18 never crossed my mind ha ha. So yeah, there are still HS kids working. And not just summer jobs.


I agree with all of this, except for your overall tone that it’s somehow wrong to be frugal & low impact, & somehow unwise to not hop on board the consumerism train. We have so many bad habits & squandered so much on what MTV & GE were selling us. The kids are alright.


I can’t think of anybody from my (pre-internet) generation that didn’t have access to porn when they wanted it, & that includes the hyper-religious kids. We’ve probably done a hundred threads here bemoaning how kids today will never know the joy of finding a porn fort.

For sure the internet is better at it than Playboy was, but it’s by no means novel.

I agree with you, except for your opinion of my tone. I really don’t feel one way or the other. I didnt spend money as a kid. My parents made me get a HS job. I worked even during college saved and bought a small house at 21 that I still own. I was just observing a trend. I guess the profanity I threw in made it seem like a felt in a way that I do not.

I will not make my children work while in HS. They can if they want. I doubt they will want to. That is fine with me.

this just blew my mind. i was making a literal fraction of this at eighteen broiling at texas roadhouse & its almost twice what i started out at.

walk into a txrh on a friday or saturday night & peek behind the counter at the grills & see how much meat & chicken these guys cook at a single time. its retarded.

$14 at mcdonalds is a blessing from god lol

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Then they turn around and bitch about not being as financially secure as previous generations at the same age. Well no shit. Boomers and Gen Xers were working paper routes, mowing lawns, and shoveling snow by the time we were 12, working part time jobs flipping burgers and stocking shelves by the time we were 16, and then either working trade jobs by the time were 18 (for the kids who didn’t go to college) or continuing to work part-time gigs to pay for college. That shit builds work ethic. That’s why we are more financially secure at the same age.


that’s a big reason IMO too.

when it snows here, my daughter instinctively says, “Cha Ching!!” out loud. she has a shoveling crew that she manages. about 6 kids. they do everyone’s sidewalk and driveway. been doing it since she was 10. she’s registering for a cpr course this summer so she can get more babysitting gigs.

the jew in her is strong.

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The complaint is that they don’t have those options available, as adults already fill all the entry-level jobs they need to build experience & ethic, & will never leave them. We benefited from the Boomer population explosion, not a magically superior mentality.

I made $3.35 / hour working at Long John Silvers in my first high school job in the 80s. Fast food workers have basically quadrupled their pay in the last 35 years. It’s no wonder the big boys are all in a race towards automation.

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People who are too anxious to get a driver’s license, or fuck.

AKA, Zoomers

If only economists had been shouting this from the rooftops for decades…

It’s hilariously predictable how the Cult of Science Lovers have no concept of economic basics, or sociology.

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Typically, the Indians who emigrate to the west are the highly educated wealthy upper class/caste Desis. You don’t see a lot of lower class/caste Indians emigrating overseas. Westernized Indians don’t have a lot in common with the hoi polloi back in the old country.

No it’s not. We’ve criminally underpaid people for decades.