Are in the middle of a coupe?

Seeing that there are a few big namers that are turning down their last fights on their contract and allowing them to expire. Could be that I am trying to make something out of nothing or coincidence but it might be turning out that way.

Am I retarded or is this a valid subject.

(I am retarded but is the subject)

I am in a little deuce coupe.

LOL I didnt think that response would come this quick but I had it coming.

Touche, I have revoked my own ability to post for the next 10 minutes.

Yep. It's definitely valid and something I predicted. but besides AA & Randy who else are we talking about Derek?

Do you have any other names for us?

2008/09 we will be seeing some BIG changes in MMA.

Isn't Tito riding out his last fight too.

"Isn't Tito riding out his last fight too."

That's what it seems like, but he has done this twice before and never left.

It would be great if he and Randy would got to M1

Randy vs Fedor

Tito vs Babalu

for the first US m1 card would be a kicker!

Is your friend stil ldating hte UFC fighter?

Tito seems to be..

I think Hughes is ready to retire..

Randy is waiting..

A lot of guys should be pissed and trying to get out.. just because the
UFC has them locked up.. and only fighting 1-2 times a year.. it is not
enough money for these guys to be full-time or pro..

" They used "validation" as the name of the pay per view where they matched up 2 reality show guys in the main event."

WOW. I never even realized that. Mix that with Lorenzo's heinous quote about that show and you really seem what they meant by "validation"

From Lorenzo Fertitta: "One of the greatest successes that we’ve had, for instance, is the last show we did in New Jersey (UFC 78 on Nov. 17). We had a fight being headlined by two guys who had never fought for a championship and, relatively, had never been proven to be pay-per-view draws. But we basically sold out the arena in New Jersey and we did very strong, above average, pay-per-view. So to me, while it wasn’t Liddell-Ortiz, that said more to me than one of what you might call one of our bigger fights did. It showed that our UFC brand can carry a whole show."

i.e.validation of their shitty, non-fan-friendly business plan.........

nice pick-up dude!