Are Jujitsu mats good for Judo

Hey Guys,

I noticed that jujitsu mats are similar to taekwondo mats because they have a jigsaw puzzle shape so once you put them together they're very firm, unlike judo mats that move and leave gaps that are dangerous because you could twist your ankle or toes on them. Are jujitsu mats soft enough for Judo practice?


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generally. no. and the only reason why your tatami are shifting is because you arent framing them in well.

Thanx for clearing it up for me , We are using a Chilean national brand of judo mats. There are a lot cheaper than the ones used in WC competitions.
So, they shift a lot during practice and I'm getting sick of it. I suppose they've been framed right.



i cant say if they are framed right without seeing the set-up... but, no decent mat will shift to a dangerous degree if framed right---even the cheapest of them.