Are kurktas allowed in BJJ?

Are sambo kurktas allowed to be worn in BJJ tournaments with a regular pair of Gi pants? I want to buy a kurkta because I want to compete in the Garden State Games sambo tournament in March. I was just wondering if I would be allowed to wear a kurkta instead of a BJJ or judo Gi when I compete in the BJJ divisions at NAGA and Grapplers Quest events. Thanks.

nope. not cbjj legal.

im thinking about buying a kurkta just to mess around and see the differences.

no, you need to wear a regular gi - usually (to my knowledge) only white, blue, and now maybe black colors are allowed.

Actually when I compete in NAGA they permitted me wearing a kurtka ,red or blue.

e-mail me if your looking for a kurtka.


You have to wear a full gi at NAGA -

to be honest - if you wore gi pants - I dont think anyone would really care if you wore a kurta. But according to the rules you must wear a gi.

one thing is for sure, there are 3 different spellings of the thing on this thread.

kurtka, right?

That's correct, you have to have gi pants, but the top can be a sambo jacket.

To each is own I guess? There are also thicker Sambo kurtki out there. The ones I sell are thick.

Actually, a true tight fitting kurtka could help defend chokes a bit and make it a bit tougher to get a grip on your lapel.  However, once he's got it, it may be much tighter on you.  The belt loops will also prevent the kurtka from getting un-tucked and make some chokes harder but, it will make you easier to control with the jacket and belt.  The shoulder cuffs of kurtki may make you easier to grab and control as well.  However, the tighter fit of the kurtka can make any offensive/defensive handles you use on your own jacket more snug.  In the end it is really about your defense and opponent's offense.  Each jacket has advantages and disadvantages. A good choker will get you with whichever one you wear if you don't have good defense. 


Not to hijack this thread by going off topic but I just got a copy of "The Oath" and I can't put it down. Thanks for suggesting it. Happy Holiday's my friend.

Is the Garden state sambo tourney limited to Jersey residents? I want to start competing in sambo this winter, but i live in Brooklyn. Id like to hit up as many as i can in the tri state area.....Thanks in advance


I read "The Oath" last year.  Awesome book.  Knowing Dr. Baiev personally made even more interesting. 


Funny story.  Last year, my assistant sombo instructor and myself were competing in the United Gracie BJJ tournament in San Francisco.  Don (my assistant) wore his blue kurtka inside out along with his blue judo pants.  Inside out, it looked pretty close to a normal gi.  When he went to the bathroom, he took the top off, and accidentally put it on with the right side out and did not realize it. 

A former student of Steve Koepfer's, Serge Gerlach, saw Don, and recognized the kurtka, and said to Don, "Hey, you do Sombo."  Don then realized what he had done with his jacket, so he turned it back inside out, but that is how we met Serge.  Serge was competing in the weight below me, and Don the weight above me.  We all went on to win our divisions, making it a sombo sweep!


I love that book! There is an article I wrote about Khassan at the last USSA tournament coming out in the Jan/Feb issue of bodyguard magazine.  It is the first issue and is carried by Barnes & Noble and others. I loved meeting Khassan and his book is is he.


The garden state games are open to any national competitor...not just New Jersey folks. If you are in Brooklyn, you are more than welcome to come roll with us...try our new open mat next sunday (see the mma league thread). In fact, Serge (mentioned by Lance) will be coming from San Francisco for the event.