Are libertarians becoming 'cool?'

I mean Ron Paul has been talking about government surveillance, the evils of the IRS...etc. but the establishment just loved to dismiss him as a crazy old man.

Lately all this shit is actually news?? Main stream conservatives and liberals calling themselves 'libertarian?' What? Phone Post 3.0

A lot of Occupy Wall Street'ers were RP supports(anti-Fed) but the media painted them all to be liberal, smelly hippies. The media will never let a new political philosophy become cool, look at how the Tea Party was hijacked, tar'd and feathered for example.

The ideology behind a blue dog Democrat is actually appealing to me but 99% of the country would look at you with a drooling tard expression if you asked them what that was.

Anyone who doesn't tow a party line is cool with me. Hardcore Democrats and Republicans are the definition of uncool.

Libertarians have always been cool, it is just that more of the public is finally starting to catch on to this.

We have been cool for a minute son.

Old school milton friedman cool....

Ron Swanson.

Its because libertarianism is attractive to the conservatives who want government out of their money and the liberals who want it out of their bedroom. I heard a guy on the radio talk about he was a libertarian but he was ok with government surveillance. Then you get liberals claiming to be libertarian but they want the government to provide them with birth control on someone else's dime.
I think its because both parties have so horribly tarnished their names that they are desperately looking for a new label. Most of these clowns have a disclaimer on their so called libertarianism. Phone Post

I call BS on OWS being majorly libertarian. The media desperately tried to paint them as a anti big business pro-government intervention honorable movement. It was the lack of clear purpose and their own dirty and stupid behavior that derailed that portrayal. Neither side wanted to take credit for them in the end. Phone Post

What do we want ? Less Government!

How do we want to achive it! More Government!


Bloody Pregnancy Fluids - What do we want ? Less Government!

How do we want to achive it! More Government!


They were a misguided bunch. Phone Post 3.0

How did this thread turn into an OWS thread? Phone Post 3.0