Are most people Libertarian and don't realize it?

I have heard well more than once a lot of people are libertarian but only want to identify with republican or democrat. Can be lack of knowledge on the libertarian party or just more comfortable with being amongst one of the more main stream parties. Agree or disagree? And I have been drinking so if this thread is stupid....I blame the beverages! Phone Post 3.0

Even though most people place Libertarians further on the Repub side of the spectrum, when it comes to social issues Liberals (who basically only care about social issues anyways) identify more with the Libertarian stance on most issues over the actual Dem party, but they're too short sighted to see it. Not saying the Repubs are any better, but that particular issue always amazes me.

Divide and conquer. My team's better than your team.

Libertarians only make up a small % of voters. As I've said on here before libertarianism isn't attractive to women or minorities. The reason guys you like think there are lots of libertarians is because nearly all libertarians are white guys under the age of 40.