are motorola phones still relevant/good?

i miss my blackberry

BlackBerry Passport





anyone have one?

Motawhat? How old are you man?



*Checks Apple watch for recess time

Nope a bitch to repair too Phone Post 3.0

I loved the Razr back in the day! Phone Post 3.0

Moto x is a solid phone choice. Moto g is a good budget phone. I think Motorola also made one of the recent Google nexus phones?

Moto 360 android watch is meant to be quite good

If you want an old phone then the entire moto flip range is hard to beat Phone Post 3.0

Razr was awesome!

I remember the Back in black TV commercials with the black razr Phone Post 3.0

Get an iPhone and stop this nonsense. Phone Post 3.0

Motorola is still a decent product but do not have the budget that LG and Samsung has for there phones so upgrades do not come as fast. I just left a Moto X gen 2, it was a good phone but nothing like my S6 Edge. Phone Post 3.0

I have a droid turbo, by far one of the best phones on the market. Battery lasts me about 26 hours on average and that's with constant use throughout the day. The back of it is made of kevlar and its insanely durable. I've dropped it about 10 times and not a scratch on it Phone Post 3.0

Latest motor x is a bad ass phone. Motorola don't have the name recognition anymore because they have been throwing their money in R&D not marketing. Just about every single tech blog or site raves about the x. When apple and Samsung dominate the marketing though you lose site of the others. Look at the ufc last night. Everyone forgot about lawyer Mcdonald Phone Post 3.0

Wait a few months the new bb will not dissapoint you if you liked bb at all in the past. My opinion they always had the best HW, especially Rf performance. They were use to designing to government standards so they had to hold up better and to more severe testing. Then they hired a bunch of people from Motorola that did radios for the military so things like the pcb are much more reliable then other platforms. Phone Post 3.0

Wait for the Note 5! 4 GB RAM!