Are notorious glassjaw fighters like that in game?

Because I just KOd Arlovski (online gamer) with Kongo within 15 seconds... Twice.

1st time was in 10 seconds, it was a left hook then a right hook that did the duty.

2nd time was in 15 seconds, after squaring off for a bit I jabbed and he fell.

If I were the conspiracy type, I'd suggest that Dana implanted fatal flaws in former UFC fighters that were included in the game. AA gets a glass jaw. Sylvia gets subbed by everyone. Tito, well, there's no telling what sort of revenge might be in store.

But the baldfather wouldn't actually stoop to that, would he? 


Well I actually have seen similarities to how some fighters actually fight. I play as Sylvia and get dropped all the time, but he just pops right back up. I haven't been subbed as him yet, but we'll see. Tito I haven't played, but I played against him and fucking owned him with Hendo. AA I've always knocked out cold. Never has he beat me. I'm not sure who else is in there, feel free to add on if you wish.

Kyle Jergensen -  lol

Nice first post, haha. Welcome to the UG.