are people really scared to go back to work?

Is that a thing?

Only the people that don’t want to work.... 


haha, right,

Mostly lazy government workers who want to collect a check and shut down all businesses that must maintain a profit to survive 

Might depend on location, nature of the job, and various other factors we have no knowledge of. But yeah, there will definitely be those who just don't want to work, as well.

The lazy and the pussy 

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I work in the food industry.

The answer is yes for some of the older workers.

One of my best guys, in his 50's, took a leave of absence.  I have others who want to, but the are afraid of losing their position.

I was so blessed to be an essential worker. Just dumb luck, I’m a sand blaster. I have no idea what I would’ve done if I was sitting around trapped.

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But . I haven’t really ever felt scared about it. Idk or that’s weird of whatever.

Yeah, I wouldn’t go back to a downtown campus of over 5000 employees right now.

Luckily, I’ve been working the entire time remotely, but there are situations like that which would just be stupid to go back to already.

Time to reopen the country.  I don’t see how that’s even a debate.  I guess the media instilled permanent fear in some people.

I’m very vocal in wanting to reopen our world. But, I won’t pretend there is zero fear here! Not that much for me personally, even if there is some, but transmitting it to others.

I’m not one denying this is real and dangerous, and I was OK with lockdown and confinement, just as they said, to help “flatten the curve” and not overwhelm hospitals. But it was NOT to be until the virus disappears like the scared peons scream about! It was never about that!

Worldwide, we now know what to do. It’s not peachy and rosy, it will kill some more, but it’s not the apocalypse either! Reopen progressively. But yeah, to deny all fear is posturing to me. But damn it, we can’t go on like that. Consequences would be way worse.


And some of the store routines are fucking pointless, and need to go.

With a pregnant wife I am hesitant to return to my 5000 employee campus until there are set rules for the buildings.  Leadership is looking at what our Beijing and Hong Kong offices have put in place and we have the fortune of learning from that and implementing best practices here.

Prior to all this it was a hive of disgusting coughing questionable hand washing cretins during the winter cold and flu season.  My hopes are measured.

TheHerps - 

Only the people that don’t want to work.... 

B I N G O and bingo was his name O.......

half my staff... young, asian

ScreenName22 -
Wayne Glamcock -

half my staff... young, asian

You own Nike?


no, I'm in Vancouver and that's about the ratio

Wayne Glamcock - 

half my staff... young, asian

That used to sound damn hot… if those Asians were women ha ha. Or ladyboyz since it’s the OG.

Now it’s just scary

My Wife is over 50. Has asthma. Is currently getting blood transfusions for internal bleeding. Has cancer and is going on chemo for that. Previously had a stroke and has high blood pressure.

So yeah, I'm scared about going back to work.

Not because I am worried about me, but her.

I'm worried some @$$hole while show up to work sick and be all, "I don't got to wear a mask. Durr. I gots my freedoms. Durr."

Then I have to worry because he's a moron.

there are definitely people who are afraid. people who are wiping down their groceries with bleach before bringing them in the house, etc. 

they will be afraid until the government comes on the tv for 2 weeks straight and tells them there is nothing to worry about.