Are pr0n stars bad for the sport?

So here is a question I wanna post to the UG, Are pr0n stars bad for the sport we love so dear?  I see it as 2 sides to the coin.  First you have actresses like Brittney Skye who are becoming fans of the sport.  Then you have ppl like Yoko Jameson who try to ruin fighters careers like what what she did to Tito. 




Porn stars add an element of sleaze imo.

Those two guys in that picture are porn stars?

I'm guessing they are gay porn stars that pretty much stick to each other.

brittney skyye is not bad for mma....she is, however, bad for the english language. You know what i mean if you have read her myspace bulletins

Everybody wants to bang one but nobody wants to marry one.

pron? is that like soft core or somthin?

Very bad. Cute ring girls should be it, no plastic whores thank you.

^^very well put.


I think MMA is officially "here"... wherever "here" is. That said, I think it's beyond the influence of a handful of chicks who do "ass-to-mouth" for a living.

"Everybody wants to bang one but nobody wants to marry one."

i consider myself a average straight male but i wouldn't even touch a porn star considering they are a breeding ground for STD's

or ones who tried to get vaginoplasties...

geez for the umpteenth time...ITS A VAGINA! NOT A CLOWN CAR!!!


yes, to make romance inside one of them would be like throwing a carrot down a mine shaft



I cant beiieve I am going to say this but yes. Especially with new fans. It does rub off as kind of sleezy. Have to remember, that when a new fan first watches an event (especially women) what do you think they think or how they react when they see Brittney Skye or Jenna Ono's titties and out fit that you need two hair do's to wear. Just sayin that the first immpression will go a long way and people relate others with the type of people they associate themselves with.

If they are overly associated with the sport, yes.

You cant pick your fans, and even though Dana thinks he is god, he cant tell his fighters who to dick. What he can do is keep from showing them on broadcasts, but since he does show them, he must think they bring something to the table. It is mostly a male fan base who watches UFC, and as gross as you think porn stars are, they are nice to look at.

There is no reason why they should be associated with the sport. The problem is when the cameras continually go back to the same few girls in the crowd. They are present at nba games and no looks at that as a negative for the sport because they are not shown in every crowd shot. And as far as fighters dating them, thats no ones business.

Only if they talk. EVER.....

(Sit there and look good) Except Jenna Ono who now looks more like a piece of Slim Jim than a hot porn star.