Are pro-hormones cheating?

what does UG say?

I have heard they will elevate nandrolone levels enough to cause a + test. So, is this cheating, and is this the probable reason for Sean Sherk's test?

If the pro homones in question are banned, as some are, then yes, its cheating. (not that I have a problem with them, though).

pro hormones only differ from steroids in the sense that your body converts the pro hormone substance to its steroid counterpart

Otherwise its the same thing

That and PH's have been proven to have more side affects than benefits.

I'm pretty sure the only prohormone that doesn't cause outrageous gyno, hairloss, and acne is Epistane. Either way, it's best to stay away from them.

 Are they banned?

why not just take the real deal?

^^^ exactly... its actually safer and WAY better results.

^ Yeah fuck elbows... Nipples will be the new cut stoppage.

pantene pro-v is definitely cheating.

if you past the test and come in the fight clean then your not cheating imo