Are PT Cruisers decent cars?

How well do they hold up as they get up around 100,000-150,000k?


Decent if you're a woman or liberace.

I drove the turbo version from LA to Vegas. Its still slow and has huge blind spots. Not comfy inside either. I'd go thumbs down on this one.

Dodge neon with different sheet metal.

Apply neonisms to PT cruiser.

If you get a code P601 in the PCM (computer) you will need a new one.

I AM Liberace!

J/K it's for my Mom, she likes them.

HHR is more usefull

wheel bearings are a weak point.

so why does ur mom want to buy a shit car? plenty of other options out there. oh i forgot, its for a chick, so common sense doesnt factor into her buying decision, fair enough

Your duty as a faithful son is to steer her towards another vehicle.

wal how about I teach you some manners you stupid fuck?

lol sure you'll be able to catch him in your mums PT?

so what was rude, teh fact that i said the pt was a shit car (it is, so that cant be it), or the fact that i referred to ur mom as a chick (which she is a female, so that cant be it), or teh fact that i implied that most chicks cant make an informed decision when it comes to buyign cars (again, truth).so what is it?

or was i too blunt in terms of my answer, should i sugarcoat things for u? u asked about a car, i told u how it is, im just trying to keep it real.

chrysler suck balls. tell her to buy a honda soft roader, it will last longer and be better to drive

You rude reply would have not be cool to say face to face but that's why you say it on the internet.

tiger ...pathetic

14,000 posts and your calling ME pathetic? lol

actually, no i would tell people my opinion directly to their face if they asked me about a particular car. in fact, a lot of my mates ask me for a second opinion in regards to cars in general as they consider me to be more knowledgeable than they are.
so to answer your question about pt cruisers, i would say, "why would u buy that car, its shit compared to a whole lot of others out there in the market."
u say its for ur mother who likes them. i would retort "oh, so its for a chick, well as long as the colour is cute, thats all that matters"
and that is what my response would most probably be. i would probably laugh as well

I hate them for 2 reasons: they're ugly. the controls for the automatic windows are in a stupid place