Are religious exemptions granted for vaccines?

Agree they have to provide exemptions. Did you see the LA case?

The agnostics have picked a team… not making a choice is a choice.

A couple dabs of Ivermectin and those obese diabetics (probably vaxxed too) would be miraculously walking out of their or motor carting out of there.

Their ability to “scrutinize” is extremely limited. In LA for example, they cannot do so at all, would have to check on NY but they can’t exactly give you a religious test. Basically in 44 states, anyone can get out these easily and expect lawsuits in the other 6.

does medical or religious exemption work in the military?

face a court martial if refuse the vaccine seems like a tough choice.

I won’t take your word on this.

Np, wouldn’t ask anyone to. I can point you to the LA case if you want where a judge sets out that the school cannot scrutinize the exemption in any way but that is LA state law. Again, I don’t know the standard in NY but I’d love to read about how they plan to “scrutinize” that isn’t going to create a huge legal issue for themselves. I recall you might be a lawyer as well, is that right? Been a while.

To add that NY doesn’t have an exemption requirement under the law (repealed in 2019). Since they are offering one though, I don’t know how they would scrutinize it. They start making you “prove” your religion or something, going to have issues with the EEOC to start with. Religion doesn’t have to be formal. “My deeply held religious beliefs”–what can they ask about that?

Not surprised:

Federal Court Temporarily Blocks New York’s Prohibition on Religious Exemptions from Its Health Care Worker Vaccine Mandate

EUGENE VOLOKH | 9.14.2021 1:27 PM

Judge David N. Hurd just decided this in A. v. Hochul ; it’s a temporary restraining order, to maintain the pre-mandate status quo until Sept. 28, when the preliminary injunction hearing will take place. (The mandate requires a vaccination by Sept. 27 for some covered employees and Oct. 7 for others, so its practical effect may be quite short, if the judge hands out a decision on the preliminary injunction at the hearing or shortly after it.) The order doesn’t give detailed reasons, but that’s not uncommon in such temporary orders.

Because the rationale for the order has to do with the rights of religious objectors (chiefly under the Free Exercise Clause and under federal employment law), the order suspends the vaccine mandate only as to the state’s “enforcing any requirement that employers deny [or revoke] religious exemptions from COVID-19 vaccination.” It doesn’t block the mandate more generally.

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