Are Shield rds any good?


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Youtube reviewers don’t like it very much. If you’re rough on it like practicing racking the slide off of it then it won’t last. Most casual users don’t do that kind of stuff though. Its low profile is liked by most. I can’t remember the rest of the things that make people not like it but do remember that there was enough that I decided not to buy one. It had been my top choice before doing research because of its low profile. You should really scour YouTube reviews and look at things like ability to hold zero, whether you have to take it off to change the battery (which would mean that you’d have to re-zero it after), whether it has automatic shutoff, whether it has wakeup feature, whether it has the option to shut off the wakeup feature and only turn on manually (in case the wakeup feature is too sensitive and will drain your battery), and the quality of the view like how big the window is (which affects how quickly you can find the dot) and how much color cast there is in the glass.