Are SHROOMS making a comeback or something?

In the past year or so, it seems like shrooms are available to me from various people (black market)

I hadnt come across shrooms in over 15 years until this past couple of years

Used to be hard for me to find shrooms. Always a friend of a friend of a guy somone knew. Now i have 3 different shroom connects

Anyone else notice this resurgence of shrooms recently?

Just ate 1 gram of finely ground up shrooms myself

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I like to do a small amount every few years but they do seem easier to find.

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i wouldnt be surprised, i think they are being legalized in more places like weed, and a lot of talk about the benefits of micro-dosing for a few years now.


Grow kits and spores are like $200 bucks, and in a few weeks you’ll have more than enough shrooms for you and all.your friends.

They are stupid easy to grow. And when your quarantined for the foreseeable future… why not lol!?!

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Gonna be doing some this weekend actually :woozy_face:

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They’re decriminalized in Colorado … so yeah, they’re everywhere now.


What? I though it was just Denver, no?

No idea on specifics. I just know it was decriminalized somewhere in the state and they’re easy to find without trying very hard.

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Yeah if you walk across the street into my town it’s a felony

They’ve been getting lots of good PR due to medicinal benefits. Good for PTSD and similar ailments. Microdosing is also popular. I take 0.4 grams every 5 days or so.

I love them but haven’t done them in forever. Microdosing is for pussies. I need to talk to the spirit world


Can you tell me about this??

I have 2 oz sitting in the safe, going to have at er one of these fine weekends.

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I just got into mushrooms and I’m 39 years old, haha. I never did them before 5 months ago and I was impressed! I can totally see how they are used for PTSD, etc

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They never went away bro