Are stationary bikes good exercise?

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Stationary bike is perfect for that. Airdyne is more intense so you have to focus your effort more on the workout. It feels like a chore and you’re more likely to avoid it. A regular bike you can just jump on and pedal at a steady resistance and watch the news or whatever.

Schwinn ArirDyne is on my top 5 list.


I get bored to death continuously riding a stationary bike so, instead, I incorporate it into one stage of a multi-stage circuit. I’d probably quit using it otherwise.

an exercise bike is a good piece of equipment to have. It’s not necessary to spend over $500 and in fact for the average exerciser he will probably find one quite suitable in the $200-to-$300 range, which is what I paid.

it’s convenient to have one in the house, a brisk 10minutes before breakfast can help to keep a fellow trim, especially if he practiced some discipline to finish his last meal at a reasonable time and avoid the midnight snackings

they are alright

Tabatas on the airdyne are brutal

They are definitely better than being sedentary, there is no doubt. Weight baring exercise is always going to be better for burning calories and cardio, but if a person has knee, back or hip issues or they’re significantly overweight, stationary bikes are a good option. If you’re talking about something like an occasional spin class, that is definitely a good way to train cardio. Peleton is more or less an over priced at-home spin class by video from what I can tell, but if people enjoy it and stick with it, they will get results.

I like the Airdyne a lot. I like watching tv while I ride because sometimes I’ll get lost in the movie and a few minutes will pass in my workout without me realizing it. Some of the minutes seem more slow than others. Getting caught up in a movie for a few minutes at a time makes things seem/feel easier. I put a movie on with the volume at zero, subtitles on, and I wear earbuds and crank energetic music. Rinse and repeat.

Airdynes can be torture devices.

I’ve done Airdyne so long I could probably pull off watching a TV show/movie while doing it at this point. It’s a self-resistance created, high-output workout so when I started I used music videos to keep the hype energy up and not think about how tedious it is. It’s so routine now I could probably do it while watching Different Strokes or whatever.

The Peloton instructors are my hype-generators for spin bike, but they can be a bit much. I did a “movie-buff” ride and it ended up being all Disney songs and the instructor was acting like a nerd singing along the whole time and was crying at one point. I was just thinking can’t they use the Terminator theme, or Batman or something? Fitness types all have the same shitty taste in music.

My kid recently participated in a SWAT competition in which one event called “The WOD” incorporated several phases of CrossFit type calisthenics. In between sets, guys did time on an assault bike.

My kid said the bike was the game changer as it sucked the life out of your legs.

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Those are no joke

I was an alternate on my kid’s team because they couldn’t free up enough guys (pulled out of mothballs) so I watched all the events up close. Everything seemed doable until I watched the WOD, at which time I praised god I wasn’t called up for that. I honestly don’t believe I could have completed it.

When I first started riding the Airdyne I noticed that it was challenging my heart and lungs, but almost separately it was challenging my thighs. A really uncomfortable burn. It took a few weeks of riding to get past the leg burn and fatigue. It was hard for a while.

I bought an 80’s OG Schwinn Air-Dyne bike a few months back and that thing will kick your ass after about 30 minutes straight.

Be a man and get an Aerodyne

It’s a matter of how much effort you put into it just like any other workout gear.