Are there any Colour trends you hate?

I'll be colouring my short story soon for college (need inking first) but i've been looking at lots of colouring more so than usual.Is there anything in particular that sticks out that you guys dislike?I'm going for a realistic tone I think. I did think about trying the Ultimate spiderman approach but its pretty bright...having said all this i'm pretty clueless to be honest. I'm only just catching up with inking lol.

Tony's stuff is awesome I might just go for that style...well try and fail but have a go.Oh its a 12 page re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood as a Dr Who episode which will go on display at an end of year exhibition like my Ken Shamrock one did last year.I think,hope its looks a lot more accomplished but time will tell.

I think the worst thing is when people try to shoehorn themselves into a "trendy" style. Remember when "Liquid" was the hot coloring studio years ago? They had that crazy style, where everything looked like it was made out of skittles. It worked for them, because even though all of their colors were over-saturated, they always found the right balance that just made it work. Everybody latched on to that style and it was just a nightmare of bright colors and shiny characters. Same thing happened a few years later with all of the "digital painting" styles, some guys were amaszing at that while others just looked like hacks that were trying to jump on the bandwagon.

When I worked at Wildstorm, we were mostly forced into doing the lasso and gradient stuff. It was one way that helped keep some sort of continuity when 3 or 4 colorists were switching between various projects. I never felt very natural doing it and tried lots of different things whenever I got the chance. When I worked on Sleeper, I really liked playing with weird color palettes that consited of 2 to 3 colors, with Richard Dragon I tried to use palettes that were more like what I used when I was a graffiti writer.

When I met Darick a few years ago, I pretty much begged him to let me do some test pages for The Boys. I started out doing things in the typical Wildstorm style, because I had that crap beat into my head. After a panel or 2 I had to step back and just be myself. The airbrushing style really goes took it back to my High School days when I ran a t-shirt airbushing business with a good friend of mine. I also try to throw in some marker comping techniques here and there whenever I can. I think I had mixed results with the first few issues, but now I really feel like I'm consistent from issue to issue.

I think one of the problems that young artists have is that they try to emulate the artist they like instead of trying to figure out who they are. Sergio Aragones and Jim Lee are both great artists in my opinion, but how silly would it be for Aragones to be aping Jim? You gotta try to figure out what you do really well and just build on it. I've stopped trying to be flashy and am just trying to be the best I can be at my own style.

Thanks for the advice mate. I will do that,really appreciate the feedback.

Totally agree with the Liquid thing. Got a lot of very orang eand red skin tones for a while lol.

I'll put the pages up when I get it all done. Got 12 pages pencilled in 11 days so i'm on track.