Are there any elite white athletes?

I mean Larry Bird was pretty elite, but compared to all the elite black athletes it's pretty ridiculous. I mean I could name 50 elite black athletes in sports right now. I mean there has never been a white Lebron, Michael Jordan, Shaq, Kobe, Barry Sanders, walter payton, bo jackson. Don't tell me nascar drivers or qbs because very few are elite athletes. Look at every nba or nfl team, usually all black. Why is that? Phone Post 3.0

Do you even hockey bro?

Ever heard of Wayne Gretzky? Phone Post 3.0


Dan Gable
Tom Brands
Bruce Baumgartner
Rocky Marciano
Nolan Ryan

Many more as well... Phone Post 3.0

If you don't think NFL QB's are elite athletes, you are not very smart...

Caitlyn Jenner Phone Post 3.0

Gronk Phone Post 3.0

Russell Wilson

Tom Brady

Mike Trout

JJ Watt

Roger Federer

Tom Brady and not even a fan.. Phone Post 3.0

Gordie Howe may rise again just to bitch slap OP. Phone Post 3.0

Michael Phelps Phone Post 3.0

Michael Phelps Phone Post 3.0

Do you even Soccer, bro?

Chase budinger. Nba player he got hops Phone Post 3.0

Bob Oso - JJ Watt
Only correct answer. Lol at tom Brady, you guys don't know what an elite Athlete is. Phone Post 3.0