Are there any truly "new" members on here?

With all these 16ers and 17ers chuck knucklin fucks who claim:

1) they were here since the beginning

2) long time lurkers

3) forgot their login info for their old account

4) old account got banned

And then you have newbies who don't say they are vets but then they expose themselves by talking about shit they wouldn't have known unless they were legit lurkers or were old members.

So? What say you OG?

Along with the rule that there are no actual women on the OG, are there no newbies on the OG?

no women.  no newbies.  only bewbies!

lionsoul - 

Hey girl, hey

Time to close membership, and that includes people leaving. You never get out. 

My ex who looks excellent bent over lurks.

lionsoul -

no women.  no newbies.  only bewbies!

^^^ This man knows

I love it when threads take a turn like this

I lurked for about 2 years before I signed up.. that would makeme fairly new I guess

Good thread. 

You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave


Good thread. 

Shut your cunt mouth you dumb bitch.

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Taylor Seinturier Sexy Squeeze

Silenus - 

'If the judge ruled that the underage girl marriage was okay, then there's nothing wrong with it.'



Wrong thread?

lionsoul - 

jesus what is her name again?

i bought this account a few months ago

Good tread.

CRE - My ex who looks excellent bent over lurks.
Thanks, I miss you