Are there drawbacks to having large stacks of money?

Anyone had bad experiences with owning large stacks of money? Are there any cons to owning like 10-15 stacks of hundred-dollar bills?

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Security risks, and inflation


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That’s a Homelice question.

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I have this problem. Stacks and stacks of money. I am also cursed with having a cock so big I bottom out every girl that I plow


Going in the safe or the good ol’ prison wallet?

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After I saw Pulp Fiction I would regularly carry around $2K cash in my wallet to “accidentally” impress girls when I opened it to pay for their dinner. I never got robbed, but I also never impressed anyone or even got laid. I should have just stuck the money in a hookers pocket.


Is 10k in cash a lot to have around? I’m confused.

Having 3 months worth of cash (in the bank or at home) is all you need in “stacks”. The rest should be in Roth IRA, 401k, and other investments that contribute to your long term wealth.

If you face a difficult circumstance and you’re riding a low on your investments you hope that you can see a correction in 3 months if you need to pull your initial contribution from your Roth, or cash out other investments at the best moment while you ride your cash flow through tough personal times.

Fighting off all that pussy. :neutral_face:

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Clearly this^ idiot dont know what hes talking about.

Of course you should get lots of fat stacks OP! That’s what badasses do!


It’s worrisome to have cash and want to put it in the stock market when you think the stock market is about to crash. What a fucking delimma.

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You have to explain/prove to the IRS or lenders where it all came from at some point.

Fire - keep it in a safe

Inflation - your money is losing value every second it sits idle. Stocks, bonds, crypto, PM, commodities, real-estate, etc… are all better investments.

Bugs/rats - Escobar lost over $1m a month due to bugs and rats eating his cash.

Hookers/Blow - money pit

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Well, first, if you have a lot of cash, the last thing you should do is tell anyone about it. If word gets out you have a lot of cash on hand it makes you a robbery target.

shhhh! Fuck! I’m tracing that IP as we speak.

In your house? No. Always good to have cash on hand.

Driving around with it, you may have splaining to do