Are traffic attnys worth anything?

In a comedy of errors, erm, MY FRIEND hit a guy on the highway at about 2mph. No damage to either vehicle, but both the plates & insurance were expired by less than a week due to a failure to pay attention to paperwork, so MY FRIEND is looking at a total of over 2 grand in fines from this non-event.

I've never seen anything other than ambulance chaser type ads from traffic attorneys; are they all worthless?

Some are good, some are bad.

In most cases, they will be worth the money

consider the alternative.


Well the alternative might be he tells MY FRIEND that MY FRIEND is gonna have to pay him an additional $100 for the advice that MY FRIEND has to pay 2 grand no matter what.

Just wanted to get to the bottom of that scenario.

when you say fines, do you also include the extra cost insurance will be for letting it lapse and getting into an accident?


No, but MY FRIEND is well aware there will be additional consequences. This thread, however, is just about what lawyers can or can't help fix for MY FRIEND, thanks.