Are we allowed to host matches

that werent shown on ppv or that havent been released?

Dunno if some of you guys wanna see it at all but i'll host Takimoto vs Sentoryo because i have some serious bandwidth to burn, about 100 gigs to be exact. Its not the most exciting match ever but it many havent seen it at all.

any interest?


i need more demand or its not worth it

dude hell fuckin yes, lets see that shit!!!


its uploading now

its 250 megs so its pretty hefty

you might regret downloading it so dont blame me, its kinda dull, kinda pathetic and little bit amusing but its always interesting to see the starting points of fighters imo.

One of the reasons i'm a big fan of nakamura and people like chonnan is that i've seen them develop, take their losses and get their big wins. its a hundred time more satisfying when there is a little background behind the fighter.

TTT... cause I wanna see it


link will come tomorrow

i gotta go to bed and its still uploading

33 percent done, and its 2am, not tonight guys


it just quit on me during rd 1. Takimoto got hit with a couple uppercuts, dont know how he came back.

no worky.